Treasure (#139)

Episode Handout

Matthew 25:14 - 25

Text: Matthew 25:14-25
Date: 10-21-2021
Speaker(s): Will and Marie Robinson

 Matthew 25:14 – 25 

  • “Portion v. proportion” – Christians with different capabilities and opportunities may produce differing results while working with equal faithfulness and devotion. (v.21;23) Servant 3 buried God’s gift thus usurping God’s authority by unilaterally determining the use/non- use of God’s personal property. (1 Sam.15: King Saul’s “offering”) 
  • The commendation: “Well done, my good and faithful servant” – well done = describes his attitude. Good = (Gk. agathos) – benevolent. Describes his character. Like Jesus, since only God is good. (Matt. 19:17) Faithful = (Gk. pistos) – trustworthy. Dependable, reliable and consistent. 
  • The Rewards – “set you over much” – “enter the joy of the Lord” – both servants 1 and 2 received the same reward.