Enduring Life’s Circumstances

Monday Morning Moment / Key Takewaway:
Prayer is not about a position or posture. Prayer is not about being heard by mumbling, chanting or giving a laundry list to God.
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  • 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
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Rod Wells

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00:00:00 – But there is a word from the Lord. 

00:00:06 – If you would turn to your Bibles or your cell phones or your laptops. 

00:00:13 – Or your watches. 

00:00:16 – Passed. Well, I never thought Dick Tracy watch would come to reality, but it is. Hey, man. 

00:00:26 – Our lesson for this morning? 

00:00:29 – Is coming from First Thessalonians chapter 5. 

00:00:36 – Verses 16 through 18. 

00:00:41 – That first Thessalonians chapter 5. 

00:00:45 – Verses 16 through 18. 

00:00:51 – And our bag of verse is the Libyans. 

00:00:55 – Four went well. 

00:00:58 – The title of my message is. 

00:01:01 – Enduring life circumstances. 

00:01:07 – Enduring life circumstances. 

00:01:13 – Verse 16 says rejoice forevermore. 

00:01:19 – Pray without ceasing. 

00:01:22 – And everything give thanks. 

00:01:26 – For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 

00:01:33 – Lord, we just thank you for another opportunity, Lord. 

00:01:37 – Not that I’ve been so holy, but not that I’ve been so righteous. Not that I’ve been so good, because only thing I have is your righteousness. 

00:01:49 – And so, Lord God, we just thank you for what you’ve given me today. We pray that it be helpful to someone that they may lead this place. Not like they came. 

00:02:00 – But go out a different person. 

00:02:07 – Brothers and sisters. 

00:02:09 – As Christian believers, I pray. 

00:02:12 – We wouldn’t only use this time of the year to give God hearty thanks. 

00:02:19 – The holiday tradition of Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only time to reflect on God’s goodness. 

00:02:27 – But we have so much more to be thankful for. I hope every day and every moment of our life we are reminded to tell God thank you. 

00:02:40 – And a lot of times we we don’t even tell God thank you, but not even in that aspect. We don’t even tell your mother, your daddy, your pastor, your friends. You don’t even say thank you to them. 

00:02:55 – For when I look around, I see so much more to thank God for. 

00:03:02 – Yes, I’m thankful for houses. Food on the table, cars, clothes on my back job. 

00:03:11 – Money. Family. 

00:03:13 – And friends. But as I look around then I see people who are lonely. 

00:03:21 – Suffering persecution, their homes and communities being bombed, they’re hungry. Cold, mentally disturbed, demonically oppressed people, oppressed people, depressed. 

00:03:35 – People who are outcast. 

00:03:38 – I see the elderly taking advantage of when I look around. 

00:03:43 – Financially, I see people who are spiritually bankrupt before God. 

00:03:50 – I see failing justice since justice systems. I see no family or friends. I I see hopelessness. Those who have no dreams or aspirations. I when I look around, I see all of this. 

00:04:06 – But I also see dream killing people who try to kill your dream. 

00:04:12 – It brings tears to my eyes. And I say Lord. 

00:04:17 – Thank you. 

00:04:19 – Yet I’m more thankful for just clothes, cars. 

00:04:25 – Money in my pocket. 

00:04:29 – I’m thankful for things that produce eternal value. 

00:04:35 – Anybody thankful for that? 

00:04:38 – That you’ve been born again, that you’ve been bought with the price that you’re no longer in the dark, that you in the. 

00:04:44 – Light. Hey man. 

00:04:48 – I’m safe. 

00:04:51 – I know that’s a Christian word, but I’m saved from the wrath of God. 

00:04:56 – Through his perfect sacrifice, Christ Jesus. 

00:05:01 – Well, our biblical historical context is that first Thessalonians a book about how the Thessalonians had turned from Greek polytheistic gods to serving the living savior. 

00:05:16 – But persecution came for their commitment. 

00:05:20 – It’s just like us when you all in persecution comes because people don’t like your Jesus. Amen. 

00:05:29 – Yet in the midst of this persecution, they were flourishing as a Christian Church. 

00:05:36 – But he exhorted the people to stay loyal to serving Jesus. Can I get a witness that we want to stay loyal to serving Jesus? No, no matter how much the government put on, no matter how much the system put on us, we want to stay faithful to Jesus. 

00:05:54 – Until he returned. 

00:05:56 – You know Paul. 

00:05:59 – Paul, whose name was Saul, he was a great missionary. He was a great teacher. He was a poster to the Gentiles. He he was a great church builder. 

00:06:10 – He had a great education. He had a job that’s most of us, some of us and many of us, some of us don’t even have. Job ain’t looking for no job. 

00:06:21 – It says he was shipwrecked. 

00:06:23 – And he was in prison. 

00:06:26 – Yet one of the greatest events that came into the apostle Paul life. 

00:06:33 – That he had an encounter. 

00:06:36 – With the risen savior, how many today has had encounter with the Risen Savior? 

00:06:48 – He fell off with her horse and many of us today are trying to find the will of. 

00:06:54 – God for our lives. 

00:06:57 – Yet the will of God is shown in these three verses 16 and 18. 

00:07:03 – We rejoice. 

00:07:05 – Forevermore rejoicing is a Greek word called Shiro CHARIO. 

00:07:14 – The Greek word means to be favored. 

00:07:17 – By a human response to God’s goodness, the opposite to rejoicing is sadness and mourning. 

00:07:27 – I want to remind you that whatever. 

00:07:28 – You need God. 

00:07:30 – Got it. 

00:07:32 – If you need more joy, God got it. 

00:07:35 – And he’s waiting to give it to you if. 

00:07:37 – You need more love. God got. 

00:07:41 – It if you need more grace. 

00:07:44 – God got. 

00:07:45 – It if you. 

00:07:46 – Need more faith? 

00:07:49 – God got it. 

00:07:52 – And he’s waiting to give it to you. 

00:07:56 – And I hear the old song right, and saw him say I I get joy when I think about what he’s done for me. 

00:08:03 – For when praises go up, blessings come down. 

00:08:09 – God is attracted to noise but just noise by itself. God is not attracted to God, is attracted to when the Saints get together and worship him as we did this morning. 

00:08:22 – But praise and worship is do his name. 

00:08:26 – Do we have any worshippers in the House? 

00:08:29 – Cause Psalms 100 said make a joyful noise. 

00:08:33 – Unto the Lord, and serve the Lord with glad. And if anybody happy about serving God is you mad about your service to God. 

00:08:42 – It’s they come before his presence with singing. Anybody got a song on their heart. Anybody have a song in the morning? 

00:08:52 – Do you know that the Lord is God? 

00:08:55 – It is he that made us. 

00:08:58 – And not we. 

00:09:00 – Ourselves, we are his people, the sheep of his pasture enter into his gates with Thanksgiving and into his course with praise. Be thankful unto him. 

00:09:14 – And bless his name for the Lord is good. 

00:09:18 – And his mercy everlasting, and his truth endures into our generations. 

00:09:26 – We talked about. 

00:09:28 – Having joy? 

00:09:30 – Joy unspeakable. 

00:09:33 – The next first, the 1st 17 praying with our ceasing. 

00:09:43 – Can be hindered. 

00:09:45 – By so many things. 

00:09:48 – It could be hindered by ascending. 

00:09:52 – Our prayers can be hindered by doubting and unbelief. 

00:09:58 – Pearl should never be a last ditch effort. When all else fails, or genie in a bottle, or having a lackadaisical attitude about prayer. 

00:10:11 – It should never be a last ditch effort because it’s a powerful weapon in the Christian arsenal. 

00:10:20 – Prayer is not about your position or your posture, but the position of your heart. Knowing that we are in his presence when we we position ourselves to talk and communicate with God. Sometimes we can’t talk and communicate with them because there’s so much noise going on. 

00:10:39 – We must seek prayer as a weapon and a believers arsenal. 

00:10:45 – Our prayer reaches the throne room of God. 

00:10:49 – And God dispenses his power from heaven. 

00:10:54 – To the earth realm by his ministering spirits. 

00:10:59 – God, when we pray. 

00:11:02 – Our prayers go to God, to the throne, Rome. 

00:11:06 – And at his command and at his will, he dispensed Angel. 

00:11:11 – Oh, you think you think I’m just making it up right? You think I’m just saying something, right? But I got evidence passed. Well, I got some evidence. It says say it says that. 

00:11:24 – Ministering spirits are serving angels. 

00:11:30 – They don’t do nothing on their own. Whatever you do in Word, it thee do all unto the name of the Lord Jesus. Don’t be out here doing things on your own. Amen. Well, Amen. It says Hebrews one and 14. 

00:11:46 – Peter was chained in prison. 

00:11:50 – Why did church pray? 

00:11:52 – You, you, you, you. 

00:11:54 – You people talk about the church, but when the church prayed. 

00:11:58 – The the Peter came out to prison. Amen. 

00:12:03 – God brought him out to prison and the people who were praying for him didn’t even believe their prayer. It says Daniel. 

00:12:11 – Was in the Lions den and God protected him from being eaten up by the lion, but it was when Daniel prayed. 

00:12:20 – It says we don’t worship Angel, for they are our fellow servant. But we worship God almighty. Revelation 20. 

00:12:27 – 2:00 and 9:00.

00:12:29 – The Angels ministered to Jesus when he was tempted and encouraged in the desert Matthew 4. 

00:12:36 – But this is a great one. 

00:12:38 – Second King 6, Elijah, pray. 

00:12:47 – The rain. 

00:12:50 – It didn’t rain. 

00:12:53 – Because of a prayer. 

00:12:55 – It didn’t rain. 

00:12:58 – For 3 1/2 years. 

00:13:01 – Ohh we what kind of prayer is that? I I want to experience that kind of prayer. Well, well, when I pray things happen. Amen. I know we got some prayer words in here. I know we got some intercessors, don’t we? 

00:13:16 – It says. 

00:13:17 – In everything. 

00:13:20 – Give things. 

00:13:22 – The ability of the believer to communicate with God or the universe without being interrupted, which means staying in the presence of the Lord. 

00:13:32 – Prayer is not about a position or posture. Prayer is not about being heard by mumbling, chanting or giving a laundry list to God. 

00:13:44 – But we have confidence knowing that you are talking to a true and a living God. 

00:13:52 – We’re not praying to statues. 

00:13:56 – We’re not praying to trees, we’re not praying. 

00:14:00 – As the water flows. 

00:14:03 – But we praying to a true and living God. 

00:14:07 – The Bible says the earth is the Lords. 

00:14:11 – And the fullness thereof and everything within. Bless his name. 

00:14:18 – It says. 

00:14:21 – We serve a God that never neither slumbers nor sleeps. 

00:14:26 – I’m like all these situations. God, you don’t take a break. 

00:14:33 – All these situations, you don’t take a break. You you hear everyone’s prayer Lord. 

00:14:40 – It says. 

00:14:44 – The son right, says I call on the Lord. 

00:14:48 – And got an answer how many called on them in their life. 

00:14:53 – How many got an answer from God? Amen. 

00:14:57 – I can’t tell how many got an answer from God when you pray. 

00:15:08 – Verse 18 says and everything in every situation or circumstance give God thanks. 

00:15:19 – A lot of people get that. 

00:15:21 – Screwed up. 

00:15:24 – But not. 

00:15:25 – For everything. 

00:15:28 – Because we know that life has struggles and that God is not the author of evil nor confusion. 

00:15:37 – But he allows evil to exist. 

00:15:41 – For his glory. 

00:15:43 – But while we are yet in our situation, God strengthens us. 

00:15:48 – God matures us. The things I couldn’t go through two weeks ago or a couple years ago. A couple of months ago. God gives me strength. 

00:15:58 – To endure this situation. 

00:16:01 – And it lets us know he is with us. 

00:16:04 – For, he said he’ll never leave us. 

00:16:07 – Nor forsaken life challenges can bring pain. 

00:16:14 – Pain is real, but God will not only help you through, but with you. Be with you through all your situation. 

00:16:24 – God would even make a way of escape for you. 

00:16:29 – God will make a way of escape for you when there’s hopelessness, when you think there’s no way out, God will make a way. 

00:16:37 – When the doctor says you have cancer, God will make a way. When your husband or wife walks out on you, God will make a way. When your job gives you a pink slip, God will make a way. When death comes knocking at your door, God will make a way. When your school work seems too complicated. God. 

00:16:57 – You make a way. 

00:17:04 – When you suffer through addictions, when you got the can’t help, the God will make a way. 

00:17:11 – When there’s brokenness in our lives, God will make a way. 

00:17:16 – Romans eight 27828 seven we know. 

00:17:21 – That all things work together. 

00:17:24 – For good to them that love God. 

00:17:28 – Is a caveat there. 

00:17:33 – To them. 

00:17:35 – That love God. 

00:17:38 – Everybody think they know God. 

00:17:41 – But they don’t love God. 

00:17:44 – They don’t know God. 

00:17:46 – They don’t know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, because if they knew the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they would see the miraculous things that God worked through them and. And that’s why we can put our faith and trust in him. 

00:18:01 – Do you love him? 

00:18:03 – Have you tried them? 

00:18:06 – We need a hearty Thanksgiving. 

00:18:09 – From murmuring and complaining. 

00:18:13 – Wow. Hey man. Wells. 

00:18:18 – We need a heart of Thanksgiving. 

00:18:21 – Instead of murmuring and complaining, cause murmuring and complaining brings a heart of ungratefulness. 

00:18:30 – Which will lead you to a heart of unfaithfulness. 

00:18:35 – It’s just like the children of Israel. 

00:18:39 – They saw the move of God. 

00:18:42 – They saw when the rear fee. 

00:18:45 – Open up. 

00:18:46 – They saw when they came out of *******, millions of people crossed the Red Sea. They saw that. 

00:18:55 – They was led by Pillar Cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, they thought that. 

00:19:04 – God, God brought water from a rock when they was thirsty, they saw that. 

00:19:12 – God sent men of bread from heaven. 

00:19:15 – To feed them. And they saw that. 

00:19:18 – God sent quail, chicken, Kentucky fried chicken. If I want to get silly. But God, God bless you. God sent quail when they were tired of bread. 

00:19:31 – God gave them land. 

00:19:33 – Because it is sure promises of God fail if not. 

00:19:39 – And after all of that? 

00:19:41 – There was a sister. 

00:19:45 – The prophetess. 

00:19:48 – Aaron Siston. 

00:19:50 – She grabbed the tambourine in her. 

00:19:54 – And the woman followed her, and they began to sing and dance because in that place of deliverance. 

00:20:02 – God got to praise. Amen. God. In that place of deliverance, God got the place. Do you have a place where you know where God delivers you from the time, the date, the hour? Do you know? And you gave God the praise. 

00:20:20 – What has God done for you? 

00:20:23 – Is anybody in agreement with me? 

00:20:27 – The songwriter says I won’t complain. 

00:20:31 – Coach God’s been good to me, coach. 

00:20:35 – More than this world or you could ever be. 

00:20:39 – He’s been good church. 

00:20:42 – He’s been good to me. 

00:20:44 – Church, have you been good to you? 

00:20:47 – Is anybody here can say thank you Lord this morning. 

00:20:59 – And then when I think. 

00:21:02 – Or the goodness of Jesus. 

00:21:05 – And all that he’s done for me. 

00:21:08 – My soul cries out Hallelujah. 

00:21:12 – Thank you, Lord. 

00:21:13 – For saving me. 

00:21:16 – When I start thinking. 

00:21:18 – I start thanking. 

00:21:20 – THANKING. 

00:21:25 – This should lead you to praise. 

00:21:27 – Of how good God’s been. 

00:21:30 – But the questioning tonight as I close. 

00:21:33 – If we live out of our faith in God. 

00:21:36 – We must remember to rejoice. 

00:21:39 – Pray continually. 

00:21:41 – And give God thanks. 

00:21:43 – In all circumstances and not for all circumstances. 

00:21:50 – What shall I render? What shall you render? 

00:21:56 – Unto the Lord. 

00:21:58 – For all its benefits. 

00:22:00 – I would take the cup of salvation. 

00:22:03 – And call upon the name of the Lord. 

00:22:06 – What do you have? 

00:22:08 – To rent it. 

00:22:12 – The cattle on 1000 hills, if he is. 

00:22:15 – The house you stay in is his right. The car you drive is his. 

00:22:23 – The only thing I could come up with. 

00:22:24 – Past the wheel. 

00:22:26 – That I don’t think I can render unto the Lord is. 

00:22:30 – Giving the Lord my life. 

00:22:34 – And walk in the newness of life. 

00:22:39 – Old things have passed away and behold, all things become new. I told the Lord one time if I could get a do over Lord. I’ll serve you, Lord. And he heard me and he answered my prayer but it. But it took some. 

00:22:58 – It took commitment, it took sacrifice. It took coming to church. It took coming to prayer. Me it took. 

00:23:06 – Walking away from some things that I enjoyed to do, it took some things. 

00:23:14 – It took some things. 

00:23:17 – And I knew it was God. 

00:23:21 – Because I say, Lord, give it a. 

00:23:25 – Is it our Lord that offended you? 

00:23:29 – If I was in a courtroom, a law. 

00:23:33 – And it was a jury, and they would bring the evidence. 

00:23:38 – I could do nothing but say I’m guilty. 

00:23:43 – But the great thing about it being in the courtroom when you say you’re guilty, that guilty brings about conversion. It brings about a change in your life. You you start wanting to do the things of God. 

00:23:58 – When you come fast and die to your will. 

00:24:02 – And live to God’s will. 

00:24:04 – In the name of Jesus. Thank you for listen. 

00:24:14 – Hey, man. Hey, man. Hey man, man. 

00:24:15 – Where is that?