He’s Preparing Me

Sermon Handout

  • John 13:7
  • Romans 10:15
  • Zechariah 9:9
Sermon Series:
Todd Legrair

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00:00:01 – I don’t have.

00:00:03 – You know enough information.

00:00:06 – As far as knowledge of scripture.

00:00:09 – To share with people.

00:00:11 – I always let them know that it’s not so.

00:00:14 – Much the quantity of words.

00:00:17 – But it’s the.

00:00:18 – Quality of words.

00:00:20 – And you don’t have to go into a long speech or.

00:00:25 – If you are a great orator.

00:00:27 – Just sometimes simple verses.

00:00:31 – A simple testimony sometimes does the trick.

00:00:34 – Because you don’t know what’s on the heart of those who are listening to your words, how they can be transformed. Hey, man. So I pray that the words that I have prepared for you.

00:00:46 – Will encourage you on today.

00:00:49 – I have prepared it this morning.

00:00:52 – A song that I would like to have played.

00:00:56 – So that I can walk into.

00:00:57 – What God has given me?

00:00:59 – This morning.

00:01:02 – And if sister Gloria?

00:01:05 – John Chapter 13.

00:01:08 – Verse 7.

00:01:10 – Now just to give an idea of what the song was going to present to you.

00:01:16 – I did write a portion of it down.

00:01:19 – Hopefully it will lead you into what I’m about to say. The song was titled. He’s preparing me by Darryl Cole.

00:01:27 – God is preparing me.

00:01:30 – For something I cannot handle right now.

00:01:35 – He’s making me ready.

00:01:37 – Just because he cares.

00:01:41 – With what I need to carry out?

00:01:44 – The next matters.

00:01:47 – In my life.

00:01:49 – For everything that comes in my life, he’s preparing me.

00:01:54 – So why would I use that title and that song?

00:01:59 – For this sermon.

00:02:01 – And the topic I would like to use.

00:02:03 – He’s preparing me.

00:02:07 – In the passage that I gave you.

00:02:12 – This passage has a lot to do with the Last Supper.

00:02:16 – And the washing of the feet.

00:02:17 – Of the disciples. Amen.

00:02:21 – But as I was reading this passage.

00:02:24 – What I found interesting was not so much the dialogue or the experience that the disciples received.

00:02:31 – With their feet being washed.

00:02:35 – Was the verse that preceded that experience for them?

00:02:39 – And that was.

00:02:40 – The verse 7.

00:02:43 – And it reads, Jesus answered.

00:02:46 – And said unto him, which is Peter?

00:02:50 – What I do thou knowest not now.

00:02:54 – But thou shalt know hereafter.

00:02:59 – Now in reading that.

00:03:01 – One would think that that verse has a lot to do with the following verses.

00:03:08 – Once again, which talks about Jesus washing?

00:03:12 – The disciples feet.

00:03:15 – But as I begin to do.

00:03:16 – My study on that.

00:03:20 – I begin to see something different. Of course, the object lesson of for the disciples was to learn humility.

00:03:29 – In serving God, or let’s say serving each other.

00:03:33 – In other words, Jesus was teaching them how to be humble and subservient too.

00:03:39 – The body of Christ and to themselves.

00:03:42 – Because prior to this experience, the disciples were bickering between one another, who was the greatest. You know the story.

00:03:49 – But he was bringing them to an understanding of being humbled towards one another. But this is not my focus. But I just wanted to say that just to give clarity to what was going on and why.

00:04:01 – But my focus today is on verse 7.

00:04:06 – What I do?

00:04:08 – Thou knowest not.

00:04:12 – But thou shalt know hereafter.

00:04:16 – So what was actually going on in that statement in that verse?

00:04:22 – These things.

00:04:24 – The disciples.

00:04:26 – At first didn’t understand.

00:04:30 – So what was it about this particular verse?

00:04:33 – That stood out for me.

00:04:35 – And why does it have to apply to another perspective?

00:04:41 – Well, to give that verse a support scripture.

00:04:45 – Because, again, when a person reads verse 7.

00:04:49 – They’re automatically think that it it leads them into the experience of the feet being washed.

00:04:59 – The understanding that I have he was making them aware.

00:05:03 – Of something else that will follow not only after the feet washing.

00:05:08 – But after his death, burial on reservation.

00:05:12 – Their experience.

00:05:14 – In their life.

00:05:16 – Now there are two verses I would like to use that corresponds with verse seven in the book of John.

00:05:23 – Now if you go to chapter 12, verse 16 in the book of John.

00:05:28 – And these scriptures I’m using to support verse 7.

00:05:32 – And how it applies to?

00:05:35 – Your life, my life. But this story, this sermon that.

00:05:38 – I’m preaching today.

00:05:40 – In verse 16 of Chapter 12, these things understand not his disciples.

00:05:46 – At the 1st.

00:05:47 – Now, what did that verse have anything to do with anything?

00:05:51 – Christ was reminding them of bringing to their attention of what they should have known or understood.

00:05:57 – This particular verse was referencing.

00:06:01 – Christ riding on a donkey into Jerusalem.

00:06:05 – Which is found in the Book of Zachariah, Chapter 9, verse 9.

00:06:11 – Again, chapter 16, verse 12 is another scripture.

00:06:16 – That supports the verse seven in the book of John Chapter 13.

00:06:22 – And it reads I have not. I have yet many things to say unto you.

00:06:27 – But you cannot handle them right now. How be it in the spirit of truth, come.

00:06:32 – Et cetera, et cetera.

00:06:34 – This scripture was reminding them, or bringing to their attention that later on in their life and their experience after his resurrection, because he promised in the spirit, you’ll find that in the book of Joel, he said in the last days I will pour out my spirit upon office. So he was reminding them that there will be something else.

00:06:55 – That will come to mind.

00:06:58 – For you what to strengthen you to guide you to keep you to direct you, to give you away, to move in my power.

00:07:09 – According to the Holy Ghost, so the verse 7 in Chapter 13 has something else to say.

00:07:16 – Walking into the seat being washed.

00:07:20 – So the question remains.

00:07:25 – And what was the reason?

00:07:28 – For the feet.

00:07:29 – To be washed.

00:07:32 – OK, so the question still remains.

00:07:38 – Why were their feet washed?

00:07:40 – When Christ called the disciples.

00:07:43 – Each time, he said to them, I will make.

00:07:44 – You what? Fishers of men.

00:07:47 – That he was preparing them for ministry.

00:07:52 – He was preparing them to carry what?

00:07:56 – The good news? The gospel.

00:07:58 – Of the life and story of Jesus Christ.

00:08:02 – So in the process of washing feet, he was preparing the feet.

00:08:09 – See watching aided in their spiritual cleansing.

00:08:15 – We read that.

00:08:19 – Your feet represent direction.

00:08:22 – Your feet represent goals.

00:08:25 – Your feet represent.

00:08:29 – And what I mean by that, I support that with Psalms 23 and four. Yeah. Though I walk through. That’s direction.

00:08:37 – Yeah. Though I walk through the valley.

00:08:39 – Through the valley of challenges and things that in your life you you may experience, he’s preparing you to walk through storms, through walk through the hills and mountains and valleys. All the things that compass us about.

00:08:55 – As the man’s testimony before he sung a song, there are challenges that come my.

00:08:58 – Way but why he has?

00:09:01 – Prepared you to face every storm, every child and every issue that comes across your life.

00:09:07 – We know that in the Book of Romans, Chapter 10, verse 15, how beautiful are the feet of them or those who preach the gospel of peace? So again, he was washing their seat.

00:09:20 – That they may be able to stand within the shoes that he walked in. Christ, he’s preparing them to carry something precious and powerful, just as we are the gospel of peace. Amen.

00:09:37 – Christ is simply saying, unless by my doctrine and my spirit.

00:09:43 – I shall purify you and remove what? So when you’re being watched, what is actually being addressed in your washing?

00:09:52 – The Pride in Matthew 26:33, the lack of watchfulness in Matthew Chapter 26, verse 40, your anger in Matthew Chapter 26:51, and your timidity and fear in Matthew 26:70.

00:10:11 – Washing this is sanctification.

00:10:15 – Done by the power.

00:10:17 – Of the Holy Spirit, who has within who, who lives within us through the washing of the water of the worm, you can.

00:10:26 – Catch up on that impresions chapter 5, verse 16.

00:10:31 – So what is being washed and what is being cleansed our conduct, our character, our attitude and more importantly, our conversation.

00:10:44 – Hebrews 12, I mean Hebrews 10/22 says let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith. Having our hearts sprinkled.

00:10:57 – From an evil conversation.

00:11:01 – An evil conscience.

00:11:03 – And our bodies washed with pure water. That’s in Hebrews, chapter 10, verse 22.

00:11:11 – And 1st Corinthians Chapter 611 and such were some of you.

00:11:16 – But you are washed and you are sanctified.

00:11:22 – Out ye are justified.

00:11:26 – In the name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit of our God.

00:11:31 – So the feet washing confers to a dimension.

00:11:36 – If you will.

00:11:37 – Now what I mean by dimension it it it prepares you to walk in authority in power. And how can I really explain that by but the only way that I can is going to the book of John again. Chapter 3 verse 8.

00:11:54 – In that discourse, you are seeing Jesus talking to Nicodemus.

00:11:58 – Of course, Nicodemus is asking him how can.

00:12:01 – A man be born again.

00:12:03 – And Jesus go into 70. You must be born again of the.

00:12:05 – Water and the spirit.

00:12:08 – But he brought something else to his attention.

00:12:12 – That needed to be clarified, needed to be understood, needed to be talked about in a way to where we understand now not only what is in us, but what enables us.

00:12:24 – In the third chapter, verse 88.

00:12:28 – Jesus says the wind bloweth where it listed.

00:12:32 – The wind bloweth where it listed.

00:12:36 – What does that mean?

00:12:39 – The Holy Ghost.

00:12:42 – Is the subject of this matter?

00:12:45 – And if you and.

00:12:46 – I are filled with the Holy Ghost. Guess what?

00:12:49 – Our feet are carried.

00:12:51 – By the will of the Holy Ghost.

00:12:55 – Which is obeying the impulse of a higher will.

00:12:59 – That is blended with ours.

00:13:03 – I’m hoping you’re following what I’m saying.

00:13:06 – He’s washing their feet, preparing them to carry the gospel. But in order for them to carry the gospel, they first has to be filled with the spirit, and if they’re filled with the spirit now, the spirit can use them, guide them, and direct them into the direction where he listened. He wills them to go, not your will, but his will.

00:13:28 – So if you’ve been washed by the blood of land, if you’ve been cleansed and made, oh, guess what.

00:13:33 – Now we are following not all voice, not our will, but his will. So he’s preparing you to carry something greater in you through.

00:13:44 – You for his glory.

00:13:46 – Is that all right?

00:13:49 – To accomplish God’s will, every part of the body has a spiritual significance. The head symbol of your destiny, their hands, the symbol of your productivity and your feet, keys to your establishment in life.

00:14:10 – Now again the word listing.

00:14:14 – Which is obeying the impulse.

00:14:17 – Of a higher will, that’s not our own.

00:14:24 – So where it listed?

00:14:27 – That means what he does in you with you and through you.

00:14:33 – Is the direction that you will follow.

00:14:37 – And sometimes we wonder, OK?

00:14:39 – How does this work?

00:14:40 – I’ll give you an example.

00:14:44 – My brother Bart.

00:14:47 – He works at a school.

00:14:50 – And from time to time, the school has officers or policemen that come in and pretty much manage the the the area outside.

00:14:58 – Police it if you will.

00:15:00 – Now we’ve all had our issues with law authorities.

00:15:05 – And we have our opinions and our thoughts about how they address not only people of color, but the things that they do.

00:15:13 – Now he once told me as he was.

00:15:15 – Sitting in his.

00:15:15 – Car preparing to go into the job.

00:15:20 – He was compelled.

00:15:23 – To get out of his vehicle.

00:15:26 – And walk over to the officer that was on.

00:15:28 – The same property.

00:15:30 – And witness to him.

00:15:33 – Now, while he was sitting in his car.

00:15:36 – He wrestled with the idea and now is is is. This is something that I should do. What to do? Or should it be something I must do?

00:15:45 – He was compelled by a Howard a higher power in the wheel that dwells in his life.

00:15:52 – The will of the.

00:15:53 – Living God that compelled them to get.

00:15:56 – Out of his car.

00:15:57 – And go over to this officer and begin to minister unto him.

00:16:01 – Begin to ask him and things that were relevant to the cause and the purpose why he stood in front of this man and then after he witnessed to this man, he prayed with the man and the man was grateful that.

00:16:13 – He took the.

00:16:14 – Time out.

00:16:15 – To introduce him to Christ.

00:16:18 – So when he walked away and got in his car, yeah, there was a load lifted off his shoulders. That’s true. And he was like, took a deep breath and said, man, I’m glad that’s over with, but that in itself is what the spirit is talking about. But Jesus was saying to Nicodemus, he said when the spirit listened, when it moves you, it compels you to do what he has designed you.

00:16:38 – To do he is. He is giving you the power to do so. What I’m saying is he’s preparing you.

00:16:45 – For something and everything that’s in your life, in spite of your obstacles, inspired of the pitfalls, in spite of all the things that seem to give you hesitancy, he has already empowered you to accomplish his work.

00:16:59 – So he is preparing you.

00:17:02 – For something.

00:17:04 – That comes into your life.

00:17:07 – Now your peak.

00:17:10 – They have been washed.

00:17:13 – Your spirit, your body, your mind. Everything has been addressed.

00:17:17 – By the word of God.

00:17:19 – So where does that lead us? What should I say then? Or should I say now?

00:17:25 – That would bring more substance and foundation to why?

00:17:29 – I use the word he’s preparing.

00:17:32 – And John, 13, seven.

00:17:35 – And now again, I’m talking about feet.

00:17:39 – I want to go to Ephesians, Chapter 6, verse 15.

00:17:43 – We all know the armament of the soldier.

00:17:47 – But first 16 says and your feet are shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace.

00:17:56 – Now I want to just go into the description of.

00:17:58 – That and why he used that description, Paul.

00:18:03 – Do you not know the word Shaw?

00:18:07 – Means footing.

00:18:10 – And covering.

00:18:12 – Bible says your feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of.

00:18:16 – Peace preparation, which means the process of getting a thing ready.

00:18:23 – It means a readiness.

00:18:26 – That’s what the word preparation means. That means you are ready for battle. He has already given you the ammunition, the power, the will, the strength, the money to walk through everything that you are going to endure.

00:18:39 – He’s preparing you.

00:18:41 – For everything that comes into your life.

00:18:46 – So again, I’m talking about the armament of the.

00:18:50 – Of the soldier.

00:18:52 – Your feet are shot with the preparation of the Gospel of peace. Now that was a huge worn by every soldier.

00:19:00 – And what that shoe described a houses crowd. It’s like a football cleat.

00:19:06 – That the football players wear.

00:19:09 – Under their soul, there are spikes.

00:19:14 – That protrude from the soul of the foot.

00:19:17 – And one of these spikes for.

00:19:20 – As you prepare each and every day and you go out your door into whatever your job or school or whatever the things that you have to deal with throughout the day, your footing.

00:19:33 – Your footing has been made secure.

00:19:37 – In other words, as you proceed to move forward.

00:19:40 – The spikes in the shoes prevent.

00:19:42 – You from falling back.

00:19:45 – So as you prepare yourself with each day, remember the preparation of the gospel of the peace has already given you the strength to walk through every storm, every situation in your life.

00:19:57 – Regardless of the struggle, you.

00:19:58 – Don’t have to fall back.

00:20:01 – But just stand your ground.

00:20:03 – And be confident knowing that the footwear, the, the, the promise and the purpose that you have God is giving you because he has prepared you to fight the good fight of faith.

00:20:14 – To carry.

00:20:15 – The Gospel, the peace that you might be encouraged not only through the things that you meditate on, but the words that.

00:20:20 – You may speak.

00:20:24 – So metaphorically.

00:20:28 – I need to say that when you hear hear the expression.

00:20:32 – That is, read in the Book of Isaiah.

00:20:35 – 52 seven.

00:20:38 – And it reads. How beautiful.

00:20:41 – Other sea.

00:20:44 – And how shall?

00:20:45 – They preach except.

00:20:47 – They be sent.

00:20:49 – As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them?

00:20:53 – That preach the gospel, the peace and.

00:20:55 – Bring glad tidings.

00:20:59 – So what is Isaiah 5827 trying to say? As for you and me to recognize when we walk into any room in our life, any environment in our life, any situation in our life.

00:21:12 – God has already given you the authority, the power to stand your ground.

00:21:17 – And when you walk into that environment?

00:21:20 – Because you ought to Salter the earth.

00:21:23 – All you’re saying is that I’m here.

00:21:26 – All you’re saying is that I’ve tongue.

00:21:30 – All you’re saying is that everything that I see in front of me has to submit to me.

00:21:35 – That means the comment has arrived in the building.

00:21:41 – And know who I serve, and I know who’s my father and who’s my king and who’s my Lord. To them, he gave the power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name you have been.

00:21:51 – Empowered by the Holy Ghost.

00:21:54 – So what I want to say short is that.

00:21:58 – The writer was saying what I am trying to teach you to get you to understand clearly. You may not see it right now, but if you do dwell in me and abide in me and allow me to be your Lord and savior, allow me to be your God and your keeper, your strength, your joy in the midst of your sorrow.

00:22:19 – The neighbor you to come to the things that need to be counted in your life, give you power to walk through the things that you need to walk through be I don’t give you power to do the things.

00:22:27 – That I have designed for you to do.

00:22:30 – So what I’m trying to say to you this morning is he is preparing you.

00:22:35 – For things that may come.

00:22:37 – Into your life.

00:22:38 – We don’t have to fall or sail. Be confident in knowing that the God you serve, he said. He’ll never leave. You know, for sake you.

00:22:47 – He said he’ll bring you through every storm.

00:22:50 – Just ask the.

00:22:51 – Children of Israel, when they brought him to the Red Sea, just ask Johnson when he brought them to the to the through the river. George just ask them that he’ll carry into every store and shatter at me. Shut you in the bed, nigo. Did he not bring him out of the fiery search? He’s preparing you.

00:23:07 – For some things that may happen and going on in your life.

00:23:12 – So I say to you in my closing.

00:23:16 – He’s preparing you.

00:23:18 – And I want.

00:23:18 – To encourage you to listen to that song if you have it on your phone or whatever you have going on, listen to the song of the artist.

00:23:27 – He’s preparing you.

00:23:29 – For something that you feel that you may not handle right now.

00:23:34 – But he and he. But he will provide to you.

00:23:37 – And it’s.

00:23:39 – So again, I want to thank Pastor Wheel and the body to allow me to stand before you and.

00:23:45 – Deliver a word. I pray that you were encouraged.

00:23:49 – Pray God has given you something to.

00:23:50 – Walk with live by.

00:23:53 – And again, I want to thank Pastor will for this opportunity that he’s given me.

00:23:56 – Thank you.