The God Of More Than Enough

Monday Morning Moment / Key Takewaway:
God has given us an abundance of love, gentleness, compassion, and patience. We've been called to do the same. Ephesians 3:20-4:6
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Sermon Handout

  • Ephesians 3:20-4:6
  • James 1:17
  • Luke 6:38
  • Malachi 3:10
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Tim Heath

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I praise God for for being here. I thank God for all of us um who are here gathered together to uh learn and listen and grow um to encourage uh each other. I thank God for uh the opportunity to be able to be used uh by God as a vessel and I I love what was said earlier uh by elder elder coach and that he said that we all have a gift we, all have a role to play um,

one gift is more important than any other gift. Uh every single thing in the body of Christ is seen as an equal administration with the self same spirit according to the Bible, amen. According to Ephesians four and eleven. Uh so we are all we all have that role to play and and it’s just a blessing that when we are operating as we should, the whole body is

rightly fit together um and that we allow God’s spirit to move freely, like Brother Cousin said earlier, like Mark said, is that you know this is all about allowing God’s spirit to have his way um and when we’re in our proper place, our proper position and location uh spiritually, mentally, even physically um, then God can do exceeding and I’m gonna get to this

exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think, amen. So that’s my that’s my opener. Uh but I I thank God for for this time uh and and just pray with me and and pray for me as well. So God we thank you for um this day. We thank you God for our health. We thank you for our strength. We thank you God that you are near, that that you are never far away from us, no matter what we’re going

that you are always with us. Um we thank you God that we have this beautiful beautiful blessing of community, of church, of family. We thank you God that we can learn from you. And I ask, oh God, that you would use me as your mouthpiece this morning so that my own words don’t get in the way, that my own delivery does not get in the way of what you would want your

to hear. Uh I thank you O God for the opportunity and I pray O God blessings upon each and every person here, every family represented and I pray O God that we grow closer, we get stronger and we move by compassion as Jesus did and does. Uh in Jesus’ name, amen. Alright so uh I I was when Uncle Will asked me to preach I I was thinking about

but um what message should be shared and I always just wait. I always I never rush to the Bible to just find something but I always wait and I listen until something is given to me um and it wasn’t given to me until uh not that long ago. So um I was I was listening and I just I d I didn’t hear and and you know we could always we can always preach

I mean preachers never have a shortage of of um topics and and sermons that they can literally pull out of a bag and and run and go with it. Um but I think there’s a difference between um a word you, know, and and and quote sort of the Rhema word amen, the word for that moment, for that people, for that time. Um and we all know it when God gives you a specific word that is just right on point and it’s it’s
so timely and you’re like that is exactly what I need it for for that moment and and so that’s what I was waiting on and and so what God gave me is it’s kind of two messages in one, so I hope that you um you you follow me through this and it’s it’s a short it’s a short message and I say that now, but who knows where God may take it, but

this subject is the God of more than enough.
The God of more than enough.

And we’re gonna go to Luke six verse thirty eight we’re, gonna start there and I’m gonna be reading from the King James version of the Bible and it says, give and it shall be given unto you good measure press, down and shaken together and running over good measure press, down and shaken
together and running over shall men give into your bosom or into your lap, into your chest. For with the same measure that ye meet that you measure with thought it shall be measured to you again.

And I I think most of us are familiar with that particular passage, amen. And and we it is it is one that is actually ha it’s has been hijacked by the what my uncle will call prosperity gospel. It’s been hijacked by them to describe giving and receiving blessings. And some time it is giving financially and receiving more financially. Um some pastors will say well according

the scripture you give into my ministry and God is gonna give you that much more back. Go ahead. Okay. Can you hear me online? Yes. Okay Don’t. go back to the beginning. I know we’re

Okay. So it it’s been that that scripture has been hijacked by um a pro prosperity gospel and um and it doesn’t deal with finances at all because one of the points that uh Mark brought up earlier is that you have to go back to what preceded what you’re reading to get the context of what that particular message is saying or that scripture we, have to back back it up, right. And so when you

it up throughout the beginning of that particular chapter, it there’s not one mention of finances, there’s not one mention of money, but instead what the Lord is talking about is mercy, and he’s talking about loving your enemies, and he’s talking about giving to someone who takes from you and turning, you know, this cheek after they they hit the first cheek, he’s talking about going above

above and beyond what would c be considered normal kindness but going to that next level of giving of ourselves. And he’s talking about essentially the fruit of the spirit and operating in that in that manner. And so now when you look at that particular scripture in the proper context of giving of mercy, giving of
giving of our kindness, giving of these things, these attributes that God so freely gives to us, amen? God is so loving kind his loving kindness, it’s his mercy endures forever, his these all these beautiful attributes of our Father, that is what this particular scripture is saying to give with that same unction, that same measure, then that’s going to be reciprocated to you.

Okay so and and when when we talk about this I I love that I’m gonna touch on three main scriptures here and they all have to do with our God being the God of more than enough. Now I love in this particular uh verse how Jesus wanted to make sure that we understood the amount of what’s coming back to
right, from a blessings standpoint because he could have just stopped at a good measure. That’s good enough for most people right, A. good measure is hey listen, a good measure think of so I mean they they had uh um what did you have yesterday we had the family reunion yesterday down in in in uh Akron and and I wasn’t able to make it but uh if somebody said I’m gonna give you a good measure of of fried
right. I’m gonna give you a good measure of of greens and good measure of macaroni and cheese for most people that would be good. Alright I you know I see that that little adjective good and I’m like we’re we’re good to go but then he s he goes above and beyond that and says we’re gonna do it’s gonna be pressed down and and what does that mean so often the Lord when he’s talking to people and this is a lesson that we we I hope that we grasp is that

people where they are and talk to them in their language and talk to them about the things that they can understand. So oftentimes he was talking to farmers and fishermen and so a lot of his parables had to do with agriculture and and being out on the water, and this particular one had to do with being in the marketplace. And so if you go to the mar you went to the marketplace at that time to get some grains, that’s how they would give you particular

for your food. So they would give you if they’re they’re a really good um trustworthy vendor, they’d give you a good measure. But then what they would do, they would pack it down with their hands to make sure that they’re giving you enough, right. And so I found this interesting because w and one of the things that I researched is that whe where it says they shall give into your bosom, I said why are they giving this into my chest, into my lap Well? sometimes they didn’t go

to the market with a basket, but they would just use their robe and their gar their garments, right. So they would lift up their robe and they would form sort of a that would be where they would hold like a basket, a makeshift basket. And so the vendor would start pouring the grain into their robe as they’re holding their robe, right. And so then they would give ’em a good measure, they would pack it down and make sure that they got enough, that there wasn’t like any pockets of

and then they would shake it to make sure everything sh shipped it so that they could pack on even more whi this is where we get this shaken together and and it says on top of that then it’s now it’s they’re giving you more and it’s running over and it’s spilling off off the sides of this garment and I said well so this is the the same type of giving this, is the same type of quality of the same

practice a principle that our God gives to us when he blesses and he it’s the same mentality that Jesus himself said here is that I’m gonna give you good measure, I’m gonna pack it down right, so that it’s tightly fit together, I’m gonna shake it so that you’re not missing anything and then I’m gonna keep pouring so that it is running over the sides. And so this was the grains, the grains in the marketplace. He says as you give as you give this

kindness, as you give this love, as you give of yourself and your time and your listening ear, uh this is the blessings t coming back to you in this capacity in this same way. And so I thought of that because you know whether it’s a person giving to us or it’s a paycheck from from a company or it’s it’s some uh you know what it whether it be social security or whether it be it doesn’t matter where these things are coming from

that’s from a financial standpoint, but we have to realise that all of it comes from God, Amen. According to uh James one seventeen, every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the father of lights who with whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. And so I I c looking at this and I’m like this is the more than enough principle, Amen. This is the more than enough principle. God

never just does enough, but our God always goes above and beyond. He always goes just just more than what we even need, right. And so he could again he could have stopped with good measure, but he said press down shaken, together and running over, shall men give, but you could say I will give right, because when men give to us it is God giving, God is who? Jehovah,

He is our provision for all things that we need. So no matter which direction or who blesses us is always God giving that good and that perfect gift. And so Malachi three ten is another example of this more than enough principle, right. He says bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, and we know this one, that there may be meat in mine house and prove me now here with saith the Lord of hosts. If I

us. Luke says it, give. That’s us. It’s an action. It’s us. That’s our responsibility. We have to give. What does Malachi three ten says? It says to bring same thing, give. You’re giving. So it’s not how society has taught us to focus on blessings as get get get and receive receive receive. But God has completely flipped the script here and said that your focus needs to be on what you give. We know that it is
more blessed to give what than to receive. So it is giving it’s our responsibility. So bring all of this into the t into the storehouse and this beautiful picture by the prophet Malachi Windows. I’m gonna open the windows of heaven and pour you out that blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it. So again God is going above and beyond because a blessing that I could receive and have enough room to catch and hold is is good

enough for most of us, Amen. But he’s like I I wanna go above and beyond that because that’s who I am. That’s my character. I wanna take care of you that well. I wanna make sure that you have not just enough, right. It’s like the mana that was provided, not just enough enough for that day, but making sure there was a surplus just in case. And they didn’t even need all the extra. But God, as the young kids would
our God is he’s extra right, you know, and that’s in a good way. He goes above and beyond what we need. And Paul realised this as well when concluding his char his letter to the uh to the church at Ephesus in in chapter three, he says and I love this, he says now unto him and he’s just closing and and it is so it’s so interesting that in this just closing of a letter right, this beautiful principle

is is depicted. Now onto him and he says that I I think he’s saying it so casually but it’s not there’s nothing casual about what he says. Now onto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all right, So. we have three adverbs in a row and I was l I was researching like the grammar right, and and and if that’s something that is even proper and it’s not it’s not something typically you would have you know one adverb

right, and it’s describing the the noun the, person, place, or thing, or you would have m possibly two adverbs right, but to have three in a row is is so rare and so uncommon, but it’s so important in this particular case that God really wanted us to know through Paul’s writings again, that I am more than enough exceedingly, abundantly, above all. So I’m already going beyond with exceeding, I’m
already exceeding expectations. And then on top of that abundantly providing everything that you would need. And then just in case there was something else that you needed, which you wouldn’t, I would go above that. That’s the outpouring. That’s the spilling over. That’s the running over. That’s that you won’t have room enough to receive it. So all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us. So
Our God, who is Jehovah-Jireh, who is the I AM that I AM, is the God of more than Enoch. God bless you.
Thank you.