What To Do Until Then

Sermon Handout

  • Revelation 14-18
Sermon Series:
Will Robinson

Topic: Revelation: What Do We Do Until Then?
Sermon Notes for: 5-8-2022
Series: Enjoying Revelation
Teacher: Pastor Will
Text: Rev. 14-18

Revelation is one message in seven escalating cycles

Revelation is a message of God’s plan of salvation coming through His Son, Jesus Christ. We repent and receive Jesus Christ as our resurrected and reigning Lord and Savior. Satan seeks to stop the miracle of faith. Satan can’t defeat Jesus and He turns on believers. Every attempt to stop the gospel becomes a way for God to advance the Kingdom.

The number seven is a very important number within Revelation. The seventh day of the week is the day that God rested from his creation. Therefore, the number seven is used by the biblical writers to express perfection, fullness, or divine completion, whether of the plan of salvation or the time remaining for the earth.

When reading Revelation, a message is being told. “Then I saw . . .” And the same message repeats, but with different scenarios; new images, but a very similar message. This cycle repeats through Revelation so that we may divide the book into seven sections, or cycles. They are:

Cycle 1: 7 Letters to the Churches (Rev 1-3)

Cycle 2: 7 Seals (Rev 4-7)

Cycle 3: 7 Trumpets (Rev 8-11)

Cycle 4: 7 Histories (Rev 12-14)

Cycle 5: 7 Bowls (Rev 15-16)

Cycle 6: 7 Messages to Babylon (Rev 17-19)

Cycle 7: Great Consummation (Rev 20-22)

Be a Berean: “Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” Acts 17:11


Review: Sunday 5-8-22 sermon notes


Read: read Rev.14


Meditate on: Rev. 14:7


Memorize: Rev.14:7


Write: How can I be ready when He comes?


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